This was MacMillan’s second workshop piece and it was performed along with Somnambulism, his success of several months previously. In idiom the two pieces were similar and again MacMillan used music by Stan Kenton. Like Somnambulism, the piece was made in a hurry. According to Edward Thorpe, MacMillan had hoped to use Gershwin’s Piano Concert in F, but had to settle for Kenton as he had little time to prepare.

While Dance and Dancers recorded the ‘incredible verve’ of Britton’s dancing and Annette Page’s ‘especial brand of humour’, its critic was underwhelmed. “The whole thing seemed like a tiny chip of the old block. We may have to wait a bit longer before we know if MacMillan is really the promising young choreographer we believe him to be.”

  • First Performance: 14 June 1953
  • Company: Sadler's Wells Theatre
  • Music: Stan Kenton
  • Cast: Sara Neil, Donald Britton, Annette Page