Kenneth MacMillan's Choreographic Imagination and Psychological Insight, 2009

Kenneth MacMillan's Choreographic Imagination & Psychological Insight was the title of a symposium held at Imperial College London on 8 November 2009. The occasion, sponsored by The MacMillan Estate, was a rare opportunity to consider the choreographer's work outside the usual parameters of dance criticism.

Artists and psychoanalysts explored how MacMillan used movement and gesture from the traditions of classical ballet to investigate subjects relevant to the contemporary world and how in so doing he achieved powerful emotional and psychological expression. As well as observing how MacMillan's choreography 'works' on the dancers themselves, there was an examination of what and how an audience 'reads' from the ballet and how they react to what they see (not always comfortably). Equally, MacMillan's own choreographic development was explored, examining to what end his increasing struggle with critical adversity fuelled his creative energies.
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The conference was divided into four sessions which variously explored MacMillan's choreographic language; how he worked with dancers' bodies; the subject matter of his ballets; and his dealings with ballet’s institutions. Listen to audio clips recorded during each of the sessions.
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Part 1 (1:35)

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Part 3 (0:45)

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Part 4 (1:22)

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Part 5 (1:45)

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